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Together Apart

In the early months of 2018, audiences gathered for this intimate story of adolescence and queer identity unfolding through stop-motion animation and a live soundtrack. Torrey Pines is a show we keep coming back to — its ability to be so specific in its narrative yet relatable to all of our own experiences of growing up is a gift for all viewers. Audiences were delighted by the experience and the show’s merch can be spotted…

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Pictures of the Cutler Majestic Marquee with encouraging messages about staying home during the pandemic.

Since launching our Together Apart series on April 15th, we’ve undergone a massive shift in how we present theatre, streaming productions from our past and hosting conversations with artists in our community. Our audiences have been nothing but supportive of this new series and we’ve been thrilled with the response. Thank you! Here’s a collection of initial feedback, reviews, comments, and more! REVIEWS “Nothing quite compares to live theater, but the commitment of local theater…

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A picture of David Dower and David C. Howse together, smiling and in suits.

ArtsEmerson has long believed that the community that makes up our audience is one of our most valuable collaborators. From focus groups, to town halls, to being pulled aside in the theatre lobby, we shape how we do our work from what we hear from you. We’ve continued this tradition during the age of social distancing and hosted our first Town Hall with our Artistic Director David and Executive Director David C. Howse in mid…

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Puppeteers from Manual Cinema operating overhead projectors

Note: we’re currently recirculating some of our best pieces from our blog and from HowlRound’s archives. These stories either reflect our values as an organization or speak to a production in our Together Apart series. Some references in this piece will indicate that this entry is from a prior season. This note aims to resolve any confusion that arises because of that fact. [4/29/20] The Guardian noticed it in 2008: “Recently, I’ve seen a lot…

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A banner image from Torrey Pines of a cut out grandmother and granddaughter in a yellow convertible with the Together Apart logo

Thank you for joining us for the Together Apart series! Now is your opportunity to watch Torrey Pines, the resplendent stop-motion animated feature that fascinated audiences during its 2018 presentation at ArtsEmerson. In his debut feature, award-winning filmmaker Clyde Petersen mines his adolescent years to tell a meditative coming-of-age story of a twelve year old girl taken on a cross-country roadtrip by her schizophrenic mother, without the father’s knowledge.  UPDATE: MAY 11, 2020 The streaming…

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