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Notes From Leadership

The traditional subscription system – same seat(s), same night of the week –  is not something we can consider, having four theatres with varying capacities and seating configurations. It’s also true that the metabolism of the average theatregoer has changed. Prior to 9/11, single ticket advance sales were strongest two weeks prior to any performance. Post 9/11 it’s more like two days. It’s a fundamental shift calculated to give premature white hairs to theatre managers…

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Not off a word processor, but in a brochure with all the graphic bells and whistles. And it has even more of an impact when it represents the first official publication of a new institution. I saw our first brochure today and it made me gasp. Welcome to ArtsEmerson: the World on Stage. I just can’t wait to have you cross our threshold. When was the last time you entered a theatre and it made…

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