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Toshi Reagon singing into a microphone

Self described as a “postmodern rhythm & blues woman who’s got something special,” it is no surprise that Toshi Reagon has captured the attention of artists and activists worldwide. Toshi is many things — a musician, writer, composer, and producer just to name a few — and the combination of her skills and voice have created a movement that ties the political to the artistic, to song to the earth, and the personal to the…

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An image from Chilean protests with a crowd of people holding up protest signs and Chilean flags.

In his poem “Harlem,” Langston Hughes posed the famous question “What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up, like a raisin in the sun?… Or does it explode?  On October 18, 2019, Chile exploded into an intergenerational conflict that brought several million people into the streets all over the country for weeks on end. It was touched off by the government’s announcement that they would be raising the subway fares and the spontaneous…

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Chilean theatre makers TEATROCINEMA arrive in Boston on March 11th, delivering the heart-pulsing noir tale of Argentina’s most notorious heist, Plata Quemada (MAR 11-15). Ahead of its much anticipated arrival we’ve collated a list of reference films — each filled with unforgettable characterizations — akin to the groundbreaking, explosive narrative of Plata Quemada. Where better to begin than with Good Time, the 2017 masterpiece from the twisted, disquieted mind of visionary auteurs, the Safdie Brothers. The…

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A still from Plata Quemada of a man standing behind a see through screen with a black and white projection

There was a moment, in the first week of my junior year of high school, that is the origin story for my life in theatre. It was a small moment, in the scheme of things, but it involved a fork in the road for my self-narrative and I can still replay it in my head, every last detail of it down to the smells and the chill on the night air. An epiphany is a…

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