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A still from Plata Quemada of a man standing behind a see through screen with a black and white projection

There was a moment, in the first week of my junior year of high school, that is the origin story for my life in theatre. It was a small moment, in the scheme of things, but it involved a fork in the road for my self-narrative and I can still replay it in my head, every last detail of it down to the smells and the chill on the night air. An epiphany is a…

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A photo from the Shadow Whose Prey the Hunter Becomes. A man in s tripped sweater vest and plaid shirt stands center stage, looking directly up at the audience.

So glad you have chosen to start of the new decade at ArtsEmerson. We kick off the second half of our 10th season with Australia’s Back to Back Theatre. We have been working to get this company to Boston for years and they arrive now with a new work co-commissioned by ArtsEmerson. We are proud to be presenting their Boston debut. Back to Back has been making theatre in Gelong, Australia for 30 years. Some…

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A photo of playwright Will Power writing with a pencil and paper at a desk.

A playwright, performer, rapper, lyricist, educator, and beyond, Will Power is an artist who views theatre as a vehicle for transformation. Credited as a pioneer of hip-hop theatre, which made way for colossal hits like Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton, Power has fostered a career in the arts that focuses deeply on storytelling with numerous awards and accolades behind them. But Power always returns to the story and people at hand, whether it is an adaptation, new…

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A production shot of The Shadow Whose Prey the Hunter becomes. A man sit on a couch on the right, surrounded by a myriad of taxidermy animals.

Later this month, ArtsEmerson will welcome our first production from Australia with The Shadow Whose Prey the Hunter Becomes (JAN 23-26) from Back to Back Theatre. Based in Geelong — 75 km from Melbourne — Back to Back Theatre has brought together an ensemble of actors who have intellectual disabilities. However, their content extends beyond the preconceived notions of general audiences and dives into the philosophical, personal, and political at the intersection of humanity. Founded…

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The poster from Detroit Red. It features a sketch of Malcolm X in black and white with a red X over his left eye.

Fifty four years after his assassination, the name Malcolm X still reverberates with the ethos of dogged intolerance to oppression. His name is an evocation — a recalling of a man, minister, and activist who stood vociferously for ideals of black nationalism and black empowerment, and — at the height of the Civil Rights Movement — sought to liberate the black community from the spiritual, political, social, and economic confines willfully imposed by a segregated,…

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