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alex alpharaoh

  In WET: A DACAmented Journey, Alex Alpharaoh tells his true, real life story of what it means to be an American in every sense of the word except one: on paper.      As a writer, performer, poet, activist, director, producer, and teacher based in Los Angeles, Alpharaoh is able to capture the imagination of audiences and provoke meaningful discussions in a variety of mediums. His ability to convey a story through the written word—and…

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Immigration policy in the United States has always been on the lips of politicians, whether it’s pushing for reform or striking out programs. Especially in our current political climate, the information regarding immigration has saturated various media outlets, each with conflicting messaging and nearly incomprehensible legalese. This fall, ArtsEmerson is honored to welcome Alex Alpharaoh to our stage with WET: A DACAmented Journey, where Alpharaoh has created a theatrical space to detail his own experience…

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