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American Repertory Theater

Claudia Rankine’s The White Card poses the question “Can American society progress if whiteness stays invisible?” While the play analyzes and criticizes the way racism is pervasive in everyday culture, it also takes the time to look at visual art and how we interpret art as a medium of understanding. An influential, art-collecting couple invite Charlotte, an up- and-coming African-American artist, to dinner in the hopes of purchasing her work for their esteemed collection. The…

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  “You cannot live thirty years with something in your closet, which you know is there, and pretend it is not there without something terrible happening to you. If I know that any one of you has murdered your brother or your mother, and the corpse is in this room under the table, and I know it and you know it, and you know I know it, and we cannot talk about it, it takes…

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