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In the early months of 2018, audiences gathered for this intimate story of adolescence and queer identity unfolding through stop-motion animation and a live soundtrack. Torrey Pines is a show we keep coming back to — its ability to be so specific in its narrative yet relatable to all of our own experiences of growing up is a gift for all viewers. Audiences were delighted by the experience and the show’s merch can be spotted…

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Puppeteers from Manual Cinema operating overhead projectors

Note: we’re currently recirculating some of our best pieces from our blog and from HowlRound’s archives. These stories either reflect our values as an organization or speak to a production in our Together Apart series. Some references in this piece will indicate that this entry is from a prior season. This note aims to resolve any confusion that arises because of that fact. [4/29/20] The Guardian noticed it in 2008: “Recently, I’ve seen a lot…

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A banner image from Torrey Pines of a cut out grandmother and granddaughter in a yellow convertible with the Together Apart logo

Thank you for joining us for the Together Apart series! Now is your opportunity to watch Torrey Pines, the resplendent stop-motion animated feature that fascinated audiences during its 2018 presentation at ArtsEmerson. In his debut feature, award-winning filmmaker Clyde Petersen mines his adolescent years to tell a meditative coming-of-age story of a twelve year old girl taken on a cross-country roadtrip by her schizophrenic mother, without the father’s knowledge.  UPDATE: MAY 11, 2020 The streaming…

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