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art and culture

ArtsEmerson is proud to be partnering with the Barr Foundation and to be included as part of its ArtsAmplified initiative, a $30 million, six year effort to amplify the leadership of fifteen Massachusetts arts organizations in changing communities. President and Trustee of the Barr Foundation, James E. Canales, announced ArtsAmplified earlier this month: “We have deepened this commitment to the arts out of an abiding belief that artists, arts and creativity are essential to vibrant and…

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The Great Migration started just before the United States entered the first World War, and extended into the 1970s–but what part did Boston play in this massive movement of African Americans to the north? During the first half of the twentieth century, Boston’s small but vocal African American population began to expand—by 13.3% between 1910 and 1940 according to U.S. census data. Immigrants from the West Indies and migrants from the south and west, including…

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