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We’ve experienced the beauty and lyrical storytelling of The 7 Fingers over the past 10 years and Passengers (SEP 25-OCT 13) is certainly no exception to the tradition of contemporary circus, pushing the boundaries of what circus can entail. Now we want to know what you thought about the show! First impressions, reactions, the feeling you felt walking out of the Cutler Majestic when the show was over — whatever resonates with you! We have…

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Season Preview! (Photo Cred: Paul Marotta) The New England work flow was once described to me as unrelenting amounts of work in the fall, a pause for the holidays, brief interruptions from snow, a heavy churn during spring, and then starting Memorial Day you leave work as often as possible until Labor Day (when you then sneak away on weekend trips until Columbus Day). It’s a gross generalization, but the bit about the fall certainly…

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