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back to back theatre

We’re thrilled to welcome Back to Back Theatre to ArtsEmerson for the first time with The Shadow Whose Prey the Hunter Becomes (JAN 23-26) and thoroughly honored to share our stage with innovative, thoughtful artists. However, we want to hear what you think! How would you describe the experience of this show to a friend?Did this performance shift your understanding of the word “intelligence”?Where and how does artificial intelligence intersect with your life and experiences? Feel…

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Later this month, ArtsEmerson will welcome our first production from Australia with The Shadow Whose Prey the Hunter Becomes (JAN 23-26) from Back to Back Theatre. Based in Geelong — 75 km from Melbourne — Back to Back Theatre has brought together an ensemble of actors who have intellectual disabilities. However, their content extends beyond the preconceived notions of general audiences and dives into the philosophical, personal, and political at the intersection of humanity. Founded…

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