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David Foster Wallace

Daniel Fish is on a mission to combine intimacy with theatricality; to connect the audience with high-brow, intellectual material. Whether it’s Shakespeare, Moliere, or, in this case, the ever-complex and mysterious David Foster Wallace, Fish tackles dense material and translates it to a tangible and moving experience. Daniel represents the next iteration of the artist—driven, independent,  adaptable, and multi-skilled. He is, shall we say, The Next Thing. As an artist, Daniel Fish has a history…

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I read Infinite Jest for the first time during my freshman year at Boston University. The book had been out for less than a year. I was a film student at Boston University, as was one of the main characters of the book, at the very same university. I imagine this kind of real life circumstance synching up with the specifics of a piece of fiction has a long, storied history of heightening the enjoyment…

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It begins with a severed ear in a grassy field.  It’s out of place, it’s a metaphor, it’s a plot point, it’s simultaneously creepy, funny and intriguing.  In a word, it’s Lynchian. There may be more successful, more universally lauded, more enjoyable David Lynch films in the oeuvre but Blue Velvet is the Lynch film. There are several ways one can make this argument but I’d like to concentrate on this one in particular: it…

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