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Read more blog articles associated with An Octoroon here!   By 1860, approximately ten percent of enslaved people in the American South had at least one white ancestor, often as a result of forced sexual assault on female slaves by white slave owners. In southern Louisiana, where An Octoroon takes place, there was also a large population of Creole African-Americans, descended from European colonialists in various areas of the African continent. Consequently, free and enslaved people…

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  This past year, full of horrific events like the Aurora shooting (July 2012), the Sandy Hook shooting (December 2012), the Boston Marathon bombings (April 2013) and the DC shootings (September 2013) has shown us how communities come together after times of tragedy to start the healing process and ensure remembrance. In the midst of tragedy, we have seen our community members look out for each other, care for each other, and mourn together. Emerson…

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