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down a dark stairwell

Down a Dark Stairwell is now available for on demand streaming through Sunday, FEB 07! We’re honored to bring this film to our audience and interested in the conversation this documentary sparks. We’d love to hear from you, either by responding to some of the prompts below or sharing any ideas that came to you during the performance. How did this film challenge your perceptions?What resonated with you?It’s only been seven years since the events…

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Ursula Liang is a storyteller and activist that channeled her passion for journalism into becoming a successful independent filmmaker. Six years since her debut film, 9-Man, the Newton, MA native returns with her latest piece, Down a Dark Stairwell. With a continued focus on the complex experiences of Asian-Americans, Down a Dark Stairwell follows the story of a Chinese-American police officer after he kills an unarmed Black man in the stairwell of a New York…

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