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  I believe in the magic of theatre. I trust its power to whisk us past the limits of our intellect and our lived experience, to get us out of our heads by entering us through our hearts. I have experienced its capacity to reveal the familiar in the foreign and close the distance between me and you. And I know its capacity to disrupt my settled sense of the world and my place in…

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One of my all time favorite vocal performances is Luther Vandross’s version of the Burt Bacharach/Hal David classic “A House is not a Home.” I know. That dates me. But if you haven’t ever seen it, do yourself a favor and watch him as he serenades a delighted Dionne Warwick during the NAACP Image Awards. The energy moving between the crooner on stage and the diva in the audience is so beautiful, true, and filled with joy that it looks…

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