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Jean Claude-Carriere

This summer I had my own little version of Eat, Pray, Love—except mine was a little more like Eat, Fight Off Mosquitos, and Manual Labor in the Hot Sun. Despite the bug bites, I backpacked around Southeast Asia deliriously happy, first working on an elephant reservation and then trying to see as much as I possibly could. What I found most special about my adventure was the real and present desire of everyone I met to…

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This week, we welcome Jean Claude-Carriere and his 90 minute telling of the one of the world’s oldest foundational texts The Mahabharata. In preparation, Rob Orchard shares his memories of seeing Peter Brook’s and Carriere’s theatre epic in 1987. I think I had seen at least three productions by the legendary director Peter Brook before I experienced in one long day his epic Mahabharata at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) in October, 1987. I had witnessed with…

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