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korde arlington tuttle

Triptych (Eyes of One on Another) is a multi-disciplinary dive into the work of photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, inviting audiences to experience his controversial work from fresh new perspectives. The piece meditates on these images by using other mediums to react to them—music, poetry, choral work, and performers on stage. In a conversation with librettist korde arlington tuttle, it became clear that while this production certainly focuses on Mapplethorpe’s photography, it primarily serves as a prompt…

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Patti Smith is a cultural legend, spanning mediums and genres in her artistic endeavors and influence. A musician, author, activist, photographer, singer-songwriter, and poet, Smith’s body of work resonates throughout American punk history and into contemporary zeitgeist, exploring phenomenons that are raw to the human experience. In 1975, Smith released her first album Horses that brought poetry into punk, with lyrics that referenced the legacies of the Beat generation and dove into controversial topics, jolting…

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