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“What is a superhero”, this was one of my first questions for a sixth grade class at Boston Renaissance Charter School in Hyde Park. “Someone who protects people” “A person who fights bad guys” “but it could also be a regular person who just does really good things all the time…like…my Mom is my superhero”. All correct answers. Every Wednesday and Thursday from 2:15-3:10pm I spend time with my new favorite group of incredibly cool…

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When I was a child I hated children’s theatre. I know that’s not really the strongest lead to use for a blog post promoting a TYA (theatre for young audiences) show. It was SO true, though. Why did shows for kids ALWAYS have to come with some sort of through-woven, family-friendly moral? Young Sam (and, OK, old Sam too) was impatient and weary of holier-than-thou attitudes. All I wanted to see were some funny actors…

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