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Merchant of Venice

Did you know that Stephen Daldry, director of JB Priestley’s Classic Thriller An Inspector Calls, is a four-time Academy Award nominee and a winner of both a Golden Globe and Emmy Award? With the 91st Academy Awards Ceremony taking place this upcoming Sunday evening, we decided to take a look back at ArtsEmerson’s own relationship between the stage and screen as we get ready to welcome this epic mystery to our stage next month! Denis…

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It’s a thrill for any theatre-goer to witness a transcendent performance; one that takes your breath away, is burnished on your brain forever, and is anchored not in technique and virtuosity, but in truth. These moments are rare. As a graduate student I remember having the opportunity to see Christopher Walken perform Caligula at the Yale Repertory Theatre. I saw it 15 times. The outline of the underlying performance remained the same, but its nuances…

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