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  Earlier this summer, we produced a video about debunking Millennial myths as a way of understanding the original inspiration for The 7 Finger’s brand new show, Reversible. The community members we interviews had so many interesting things to say, we’ve expanded that video with this additional food for thought.   “I like writing letters, I like the tactility of that communication and the intentionality behind it. It requires a half hour to sit down…

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To create Reversible — the 7 Fingers’ director Gypsy Snider asked her young cast of millennials to connect with their past in order to better answer the question — WHO ARE YOU? She was challenging them to move beyond the persona they present on social media. We loved that idea so much that we asked the millennials we work with to go beyond what’s presented on their Instagram account. We asked eight Millennials to debunk common myths about their generation and give us insight and perspectives on what it’s like to grow up in the digital age. While…

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