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  “Who will believe thee, Isabel? My unsoiled name, the austereness of my life, My vouch against you and my place i’ the state, Will so your accusation overweigh That you shall stifle in your own report, And smell of calumny. I have begun.” —Measure for Measure, Act II, Scene iv Over the past thirty years of making, producing and presenting theater, I thought I had become resilient to the ways in which the news…

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In the fall of 1945, British playwright J.D. Priestly and his wife Jane boarded a war-battered Douglas C-47 plane with no seats or seat belts and traveled to Moscow, Russia. Priestly was about to premiere his new play, An Inspector Calls. The play was written in just one week. Unable to find a venue for the production in London, Priestly exported his show over 2,000 miles away to the USSR. The show debuted at the…

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