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The 7 Fingers arrive in Boston for their US premiere of Passengers (SEP 25-OCT 13) this week and we at ArtsEmerson would like to reflect on the films and novels whose insights on life’s journeys and travels echo the poignant musings of The 7 Fingers latest engagement. As each character in Passengers has their own path, both The 7 Fingers and the list below remind us that sometimes, the journey is truly the destination. What…

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FILMS My Fair Lady (1964) This classic musical has its roots in one of Ovid’s best known tales from the Metamorphoses: that of Pygmalion.  In the tale, an artist falls in love with the statue he is carving and it comes to life. George Bernard Shaw famously turned this into a stage version (musically adapted here) in which a professor takes in an unpolished girl and trains her in order to make her presentable to society….

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