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In ‘Cold Blood,’ sleight of hand creates a different kind of magic It’s often said that the eyes are the windows into the soul. But for the husband-and-wife team of Belgian film director Jaco Van Dormael and renowned choreographer Michele Anne De May, our hands may be the body’s most elemental form of expression. That idea has been brought to lyrical life in “Cold Blood,” a singular theater-dance-cinema hybrid, arriving in Boston this week, that…

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    With Cold Blood right around the corner, we’ve been on the lookout for examples of nano-dance in popular culture. What’s nano-dance you ask? While people have been expressing human emotions via their hands, both on and off stage, the term itself is relatively new. The basic definition is: “the choreography of hands and fingers set inside a tiny universe of inanimate objects.” One source credits the Astragales team with its recent surge in…

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