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Play Reading Book Club

William Shakespeare is one of the most prolific playwrights of all time but did you also know he is the inventor of many English words and sayings we still use today? Everything from “eyeball” to “arch-villain” to “bedazzled” can be found in famous works by Shakespeare. Although it is one of Shakespeare’s less frequently performed plays, Measure for Measure is the source of several famous words and phrases. To prepare for Cheek By Jowl and…

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  ArtsEmerson’s Audience Development Manager Akiba Abaka was in a taxi over a decade ago when she had a revelation about the theatre. The driver asked her if she had read the most recent Oprah Winfrey book-club selection. She was not used to receiving book recommendations from strangers, but Oprah had somehow cracked the code, sending over fifty books straight to the best-seller list and inspiring people of all backgrounds to be mavens for the…

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