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Polly Carl

Polly K. Carl, Director of the The Center for the Theater Commons, discusses the adaptation of La Belle et la Bête with Lemieux Pilon 4D Art co-founders and co-directors Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon. Lemieux and Pilon discuss the original French story, their love for French film director Jean Cocteau, and how the fairy tale connects technology with modern expectations of beauty. Together, they analyze the resurgence of fairy tales in mainstream culture and the ways that…

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by Polly K. Carl Director of The Center for the Theater Commons His eyes are everything I’ve been trying to express. Ahhhh! I really want to paint him. Sure, he’s hideous, but lovely. —Belle in La Belle et la Bête Recently, I watched the pilot episode for the CW channel’s new “Beauty and the Beast” series. I can honestly say I don’t watch network television as a general rule but in this case a playwright…

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