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Upcoming at ArtsEmerson: Sequence 8 Did you ever think you’d emotionally identify with an acrobat on stage twisting into a physically impossible position or doing a series of flips in the air that would nauseate a normal human being? No? Yeah, me neither. But the Montreal-based circus troupe Les 7 doigts de la main (or the 7 fingers of the hand) took all of my preconceptions about acrobatics as an art form and completely transformed…

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This month marks ArtsEmerson’s first presentation of circus arts with PSY by Les 7 doigts de la main — one of the latest (and one of the saaviest) incarnations of circus troupes. Building on the grand tradition of death-defying acrobatics and theatrical clowning, Les 7 doigts also bring contemporary aesthetics into their work, exploring a theme (phobias and disorders) that explores the human psyche in the modern world and crafting a thrilling show, as much…

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