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She’s the Man

Next month, ArtsEmerson is proud to welcome /peh-LO-tah/ (MAY 1-5) to the stage. Through the sounds of hip-hop and samba and the lyricism of spoken word, this soccer inspired performance travels from the rural pick up games in Haiti to the World Cup Stadiums of Rio de Janeiro and Johannesburg. A story about what it means to run free, we wanted to look at soccer narratives that have lifted us up, made us laugh, cry, and taught…

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What is it about Shakespeare that has everyone itching to try him on in as many different decades and locations as humanly possible? Does every production of Two Gents have to take place in a Verona eerily similar to Las Vegas? How many post-apocalyptic Scottish witches can there be before we tire of them? Directors seem so eager to test the limits of the universal humanity expressed in his iambic pentameter. Adaptation after reimagining after…

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