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Spring Training

  I remember March 18th, 2012 very clearly. It was by mere coincidence that I found myself in the Paramount Center Mainstage theatre that afternoon; do not the best things always happen coincidentally? The show was the final performance of Ameriville by UNIVERSES, and although I had heard from my peers that the show was “good,” no one had given me any more information than that. I was blown away. Having seen Aftermath at ArtsEmerson…

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  We are proud to welcome back UNIVERSES to ArtsEmerson, who will be closing The Next Thing Festival with a workshop presentation of their upcoming work, Spring Training. UNIVERSES, famed for their unique style that blends blues, rhythmic poetry, hip-hop and Spanish boleros, will explore the nature of “revolutions” through examining Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring. UNIVERSES has found a way to make relevant a piece of music a century old, yet another indicator…

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