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  With Maurice Hines reminiscing about those who influenced him, we thought we’d stop and do our own reminiscing…on Boston. The Hub has quite the vibrant history when it comes to its legacy of jazz, big band and tap dance. Read on to learn more about Boston’s own tap and jazz greats. JAZZ 1940s Perhaps one of the most influential leaders of modern jazz in Boston was Charlie Mariano, famous for his explorative and innovative…

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  FILMS The Cotton Club (1984) Check out Maurice Hines’ film debut in The Cotton Club. Delve into 1930s Harlem; at this jazz club, the musicians are black and the customers are white. Mobsters run the Cotton Club and help its dancers rise to fame in Hollywood, but love and jealousy from the performers and their families tangle them all up on the wrong side of the mob. Who will win in this scramble for…

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