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Julia is now available for on demand streaming through Sunday, FEB 22! With the inventive mix of live theatre and live film, Julia is a hypnotic rendition of a classic. We’d love to hear your thoughts about the show and have provided some prompts below for consideration. How did the camera work and filmed aspect shift your experience of the story?What struck you about this piece?Julia was originally produced in 2010. What themes of the play…

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Pictures of the Cutler Majestic Marquee with encouraging messages about staying home during the pandemic.

Since launching our Together Apart series on April 15th, we’ve undergone a massive shift in how we present theatre, streaming productions from our past and hosting conversations with artists in our community. Our audiences have been nothing but supportive of this new series and we’ve been thrilled with the response. Thank you! Here’s a collection of initial feedback, reviews, comments, and more! REVIEWS “Nothing quite compares to live theater, but the commitment of local theater…

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