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World Premiere

A photo of playwright Will Power writing with a pencil and paper at a desk.

A playwright, performer, rapper, lyricist, educator, and beyond, Will Power is an artist who views theatre as a vehicle for transformation. Credited as a pioneer of hip-hop theatre, which made way for colossal hits like Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton, Power has fostered a career in the arts that focuses deeply on storytelling with numerous awards and accolades behind them. But Power always returns to the story and people at hand, whether it is an adaptation, new…

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  “You cannot live thirty years with something in your closet, which you know is there, and pretend it is not there without something terrible happening to you. If I know that any one of you has murdered your brother or your mother, and the corpse is in this room under the table, and I know it and you know it, and you know I know it, and we cannot talk about it, it takes…

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  We’d love to hear your thoughts on Melinda Lopez’s Mala. What did you think of this unsentimental journey? What element of the story did you relate to? What’s something you’d identify as “one true thing”? Tell us in the comments, start a conversation, and connect with your fellow audience members!

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